The New Normal Documentary by Happen.Network

Comment:  This is why “we” have destroyed your labour movement, so that you have no leverage on the “owners” and no structure or organization left to protest effectively. In order to achieve this goal, we have offshored the real economy and now we are saying, “You will not have to work, machines will do the work. Therefore, you will not need education. You will have no property, no control, your economic role will be reduced to zero. Consequently, your political role will be eliminated. You will become redundant, therefore, you will be culled.”

“The rest of you will become our servants, our slaves. We will control your mind, your emotions and your numbers. You will have no national, cultural, social, or spiritual loyalty other than to us. We will control all your interactions. This is why we destroyed your education, your culture, your religion, and your traditional family model. This is why we gave you electronic gadgets that you are now addicted to. We will tell you what to think, what to feel, what to do, and what to buy. We will grant you the benefits of abortion and euthanasia. You will be  masked, chipped, and quarantined in city ghettos. You will become numbers. You will exist like vegetables but … you will be “happy” in your electronic, virtual reality that we are creating for you. Like animals in the ZOO.” Future that is coming fast… The New Normal.

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