Trudeau tells UN conference that pandemic provided “opportunity for a reset”

CommentYOU MAY WISH, MR. TRUDEAU. NOTHING ABOUT US WITHOUT US ! You have no mandate for unconstitutional, systemic changes, for the Reset, the New Normal, or the mandatory vaccinations. You have no mandate to collapse Canadian economy and our middle class, so that the world’s richest can double their wealth at our expense. You have no right to call for a Great Reset to let the corrupted governments avoid responsibility for economies mismanaged as a result of privatization, monopolization, and speculation.

The World Economic Forum is not a Canadian platform. You, Sir, are elected and paid to do what We, the Canadian citizens, want you to do, not for doing what Bill Gates, Klauss Schwab, and others like them conspire to achieve. I will repeat, again, “NOTHING ABOUT US WITHOUT US !” We still are a democratic country.

The number of victims of the paralyzed health care system is already greater than the number of so called Covid-19 casualties. The statistics are not true. The test they are based on is not reliable – even WHO has recently admitted this. Yet, you continue your fearmongering and your threats to use false data. You have not corrected the old data, yet. The government has not resumed publishing vital statistics discontinued in early summer of 2020. Today, people are dying and getting sick as a result of your globalist agenda and your decisions. You and your ministers, together with the mainstream, corporate media,  are responsible for this situation.

On behalf of myself, my friends, and my neighbours, I want you to step down and initiate new federal and provincial elections in Canada. We are not ready to become a totalitarian, communist country. And this time, we, the People, want to control the voting, the counting of votes, and the nominating of candidates. The way it should be done.


I have been investigating and following the “pandemic” in several western countries, since February of 2020. I have done some studies, conducted statistical analyses, studied the nature and practice of the RT-PCR testing technology, studied the proposed mRNA vaccines, talked to some friends who work in my local hospitals, have spent several days in two of those hospitals due to my heart condition, had been myself tested for Covid-19 twice, and conducted extensive research of expert opinions and testimonies of doctors who had treated Covid-19 patients in a few countries (the US, Canada, Germany, France, Belgium, and Poland).

After all this study, I have come to a conclusion that this pandemic is not real. Our local authorities lie that our hospitals are full, the statistics do not add up. I cannot see the pandemic around me. I see healthy people wearing unhealthy masks. I see a regular flu season and spike in deaths caused by demographics (baby boomers) and by disorganized (due to Covid) health care system. I see that this spike began in 2016. I see financial incentives applied for the time of the pandemic to hospitals, to hospital staff and medical labs that motivate them to wish that the pandemic never ends. The pandemic cannot be seen around. It is a tool in achieving other goals, – the collapsing of the economy, the transfer of assets, the Great Reset, the New Order, perhaps the depopulation, which has been on the agenda since the Memorandum 200 (1974).

Opinions of experts and practitioners are divided on this topic, which means that the government and the enforcement agencies should listen to both sides. Meanwhile, the politicians and the media are presenting only one side of the story, they are bias, they are spreading fear. They are – in my opinion – presenting the wrong narrative and are censoring alternative narratives. Doctors and scientists who question official line are being threatened, harassed and suspended or fired, we see communist-like censorship in the media (including social media), people are being pitted against each other and often become aggressive, the right to privacy, medical confidentiality or exemption for medical reasons (re. masks) are ignored under threat that one will not be allowed to do his/her grocery shopping.

We hear that vaccines will not be mandatory but there will be segregation and discrimination against people who will not consent to this medical experiment – (see the Nuremberg Code) – all in the absence of 100% proof that the pandemic really exists, all based on statistics derived from unreliable RT-PCR tests. Everybody is going to be vaxxed, even though many have allegedly recovered from positive cases (some asymptomatic?) and developed own immunity. Healthy people are going to be vaccinated, while the effective treatment and meds for the “sick” are being discouraged. Something is wrong in this picture.

On January 20, 2021, WHO has corrected its guidelines for the use of the PCR tests, admitting that its previous guidelines of January 23, 2020 were erroneous regarding the number of amplification cycles for the PCR test. It has originally recommended 45 cycles. Now it says, use maximum 30 cycles and clinical observation diagnosis. Using 35 cycles, the test returns over 90% of false positives. Yet, our media and government continue the fear-mongering and restrictions, as if the old results were reliable and credible. And they continue the testing. The restrictions are based on statistics. The statistics are based on the test. The test is unreliable. The death certificates are being questioned…

Why are corporations and state police being used to enforce these restrictions at all? I understand – following orders. But following wrong orders is a different story (See: Nuremberg Principles). To what extend the police force and corporate managers may bring forward their concerns and draw a line? Their families are also affected by this situation. Their loved ones will pay the price. Their children will have to live in the world that they help create. Especially that enforcing insufficiently tested vaccines may result in a large number of tragic complications and deaths. Does this matter anymore?

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