Peel Public Health issues outrageous anti-COVID guidelines that should concern us all

Teresa Pierre
PAFE, March 1, 2021

As American Founding Father Thomas Jefferson famously observed, “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance”.

All who value liberty, no matter where they live, would do well to remember his words, especially in these times of international pandemic. It is in times of emergency that people are often asked to give up certain liberties in the name of “public safety”.

One right we must never relinquish is the right of parents to decide what is in the best medical interests of their children.

Events over the weekend have brought this truth home to many.

Region of Peel (Ontario) Health had issued guidelines for parents regarding what to do with any child sent home from school or daycare in the event that a classmate had tested positive for COVID-19.

The severe guidelines, meant to apply even to small children, called for them to be isolated from parents and siblings within their homes for 14 days!

The communications threatened fines of up to $5,000 a day for non-compliance.

This drastic measure does not seem to have any scientific justification, and its cruelty was immediately condemned not just by parents, but by a host of medical experts, who are baffled that such measures could have been prescribed by public health professionals.

Dr. Martha Fulford, infectious diseases physician at Hamilton Health Science who focuses on pediatrics, expressed this dismay in her comments:

“I don’t understand how any health-care professional has moved so far away from the fundamentals of public health and of doing no harm that they would think that basically incarcerating a child in a room for 14 days is in any way justified.”

Prior to the COVID pandemic, had parents undertaken measures like these of their own accord, an intervention from Child Family Services would certainly have been called for.

Prisons are restricted from using too much solitary confinement because of the danger of long-term psychological effects, so how could Peel Health have greenlighted guidelines that impose solitary confinement on innocent children?

As of this morning, Peel Health has issued an apology via Twitter. They say it was all an oversight:

How did such an error in judgment occur? Is Peel Health only walking it back now because of the professional and parental backlash against these bizarre guidelines?

Parents in the Region of Peel are owed a detailed explanation, and parents everywhere should take note that health authorities now seem comfortable not just dictating what goes on in public spaces, but also how you deal with your child in your home. 

This is an unsettling revelation, especially during a pandemic.

Public health is important, but no authority is ever entitled to decide that anyone but parents have the sole right to decide what is in the best medical interests of their child.

[Source: Parents As First Educators Inc. · Canada]


“Please read these screen shots of what some parents are doing to their children. For those who are unaware, Public Health Ontario is demanding parents confine and isolate their children and prevent any interaction with their family for 14 days. A short while ago, before COViD this would be grounds for a criminal charges and removal of the child by the CAS. However if a parent doesn’t comply they may face a $5000 fine. Can we all ask ourselves do we agree with this perverted edict from PH and the destroying of young children. Please contact the Premier, your MPP and public health authority and end this abuse against children. For more information on this Anthony Furey of the Toronto sun has a feature column on this in today’s papers.” – Randy Hillier

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