The “New Normal”: Where are We and Where are We Going?

Unfortunately, in Canada we cannot say that any political party is “better” than its alternatives. When it comes to “pandemic” responses, Doug Ford’s Ontario is just as “good” as Justin Trudeau’s Canada. Trudeau (or a group that controls the party) have moved the Liberals to the left and away from the Constitution, towards cultural Marxism and globalization. Conservatives have lost their credibility since the Mike Harris government destroyed our education system and began the erosion of our economic and social well-being. New Democrats have never regained their footing after Bob Ray’s betrayal, consequent offshoring of our real economy, and destruction of our labour movement. Today, all three are chirping in the same key, all are silent with respect to the “pandemic”. All seem to support the media fear campaign, lies, censorship, and experimental vaccines that have a potential to cause a genocide (and BTW solve the pension fund crisis).

Our national economy is controlled by private financial organizations. It is based on debt and printing money from thin air. It’s based on speculation. What else can it be based on, after offshoring of our real economy to cheaper countries, so that the investors could max up their profits? It is cheaper for them, but not for me. Today, I have to pay over $400 for a jacket that used to cost $80 – and the zippers all worked. With the resulting inflation, money is losing its value. No wonder prices have grown 3 to 5 times since 2005 and continue to grow. Monopolization has resulted in a destruction of competition and healthy market mechanisms. It has eliminated consumer protection. Our politicians allowed this to happen. Why? Or rather, for what?

It was obvious that this game could not continue forever, that the economy would eventually collapse. The state and the people are getting poorer. We have seen cuts to our education, health care and social programs. We’ve seen the “restructuring” of our economy that resulted in unemployment and loss of full time positions, benefits, and paid holidays. The states can no longer bail out the banks or raise our taxes. This is exactly why the elites are now pushing for the Great Reset. Like parasites, they are looking for a new host to feed on. This will not return us to “normal”. Instead, this will move our assets to their pockets. It is a one-way road. This is why it is called a “New Normal”. And this is why they are implementing a police state. They are afraid of our reaction. They need praetorian guards to protect their game, their loot, and their power. They need to muzzle us with masks and scare us with vaccines. It’s a PSYOP, it’s a war.

Is the outcome going to be good for you, for your family, for your children? Is the outcome going to be good for the families of police officers and army personnel? Whose team are you on? My question to our uniformed and armed “guardian angels” is this – Why are you acting against your own best interest? Why are you helping in implementing this “New Normal”? You and your children are going to pay for it. Your parents may die in a nursing home without seeing you and holding your hand. Have we become animals?

Write to your MPP, write to your MP, and tell them what you want them to do about it. Write to the Prime Minister’s office. Write to your financial institutions. Be proactive, or else… start blaming yourselves for the outcome that is coming your way.

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