Stages of communist takeovers – Yuri Bezmenov (Leftists are useful IDIOTS)


Comment in response to Randy Hillier:  I think, it is here longer that just the last year. I would start with Mike Harris’s government in the 1990s. The destruction of education and health care, the restructuring, monopolization, offshoring and outsourcing, the destruction of our economic potential, our working class and labour movement. The destruction of healthy market mechanisms based on competition. The destruction of consumer protection. The printing of money out of thin air, the inflation, and continuous price gouging. The demoralization and “sexualization” of our youth, the destruction of our Christian religions, the destruction of traditional family model, the discouragement of national symbols (for example, the national anthem and flag in schools). I could go on for an hour on this topic but I think you’ve gotten the picture already, otherwise you would not be reading Randy’s posts 😁

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