Angry Nurse has had it with the COVID-19 Hoax

Canada, eh?

Watch the video HERE!!

Comment:  I agree with some of the stuff she is saying here but I also have some reservations about the part, when she asks, “Why are you taking the PCR test, if there is no treatment for viruses?”

Firstly, people who believe in the “pandemic”, may want a confirmation, so that they isolate themselves, wear a mask around their loved ones, and don’t share the virus with others. Again, I am not saying that this is the case or the right response but this is their perception and, rightly or wrongly, may be their motivation.

Secondly, I do not agree with her vehement statement that “there is no treatment” for viruses. Here is how it works. As long as your own immune system is faster than the multiplication of the virus, your own body can handle the fight and can win the war with the virus. If, however, you immune system weakens and is unable to catch up with the multiplication speed of the virus, you get sick, possibly seriously sick.  In such cases, there are treatment protocols and meds that can slow down, or even stop, the multiplication of the virus, which helps your own body in gradually winning the battle with viruses that are already present in your system. Such treatment needs to be applied early, in the first 3 – 5 days after the onset of the symptoms, before your immune system is overwhelmed and becomes inefficient. In more serious cases, when the bacterial infection sets in and pneumonia, ARDS or thrombosis develop, additional treatment needs to be applied, specifically to deal with the bacterial infection and other complications. I am not a doctor, it is possible that I have missed something but this is what I think happens in traditional viral infections. — (I don’t know whether “Covid” is a traditional viral infection, or something else but this is a different topic. I will write about it later.)

We also hear from some specialists that this “Covid” infection (or coronavirus strand, whatever it is) is different, that is causes overreaction of our auto-immune system which sometimes targets and attacks our own tissues. This  may happen right away, or later, during the next infection and it depends on the defensive “program” learned by our T cells during previous infections. For the same reason, similar reaction may be triggered by mRNA vaccines and this is why some people experience adverse effects after the administration of the “genetic” vaccines. Again, I may be missing something or simplifying the process and its mechanism but this is how I understand this issue based on expert opinions that I have read and listened to. Needless to say, expert opinions on these topics are extremely divided. Unfortunately, the only way to verify who is right and who is wrong seems to be observation and classification of the outcomes. How many people need to die, before we learn the truth? According to Dr. Geert Vanded Bosche, there is not much time, as we may be facing a global “viral immune escape”, if we continue down the current path.

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