Judge rules Burlington couple don’t always have to wear masks in their building. The condo corporation has serious concerns with the ruling

The law is the law and you do not have to reveal the reason or the details of your health condition. This is a personal and confidential information between you and your doctor and it is protected by privacy laws. But the law alone would not be reasonable and completed without a scientific and factual justification. It would be good for everybody (the courts included) to educate themselves about the issues involved in such cases. Many expert opinions are available and the opinions are divided. Ignoring half of these opinions may only mean one of three things: incompetence and ignorance, fear that replaces knowledge and reason, or an active role in implementing the New Order that uses this “pandemic” as a justification.

Most masks used by people today are ineffective in stopping the spread of respiratory viruses. In addition, most people wear their masks improperly, breathing through large gaps on both sides of their noses, not through the material itself. Masks may protect from droplets released while people are coughing or sneezing but such droplets are large and don’t travel far (about 1 m). They quickly fall to the ground. Coronaviruses spread mainly in aerosol that masks cannot stop. Several studies concluded that there is no difference in the “Covid stats” between states or countries that implemented restrictions, lockdowns, and requirement to wear face coverings and areas that did not implement them. Finally, prolonged masks wearing is unhealthy. It causes difficulty breathing, may cause problems for people with heart condition and lung diseases, causes repeated inhalation of bacterial and viral flora, and may cause infections, including skin mycosis and mycosis of the lungs.

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