Tucker fires back at criticism over immigration, voting comments

Comment: Yeah. Not in Canada, though. In Canada there is little difference between the right and the left. It was the conservative government of Mike Harris and his high-school dropout minister that destroyed the education. But the process was started by the NDP government of Bob Ray and his Royal Commission on Learning. He also empowered parents in school councils (so that they could sell donuts and organize fundraising), because the government needed to cut funds (who remembers the social contract?). Parents were wondering if they would also be given the right to tell the brain surgeons how to operate on their children. Then came the liberals who destroyed parental rights and introduced sex education. The restructuring, the offshoring and the outsourcing continued. The federal and provincial budgets shrank because many corporations left the country and many other were allowed to lower their income tax. There was no money to maintain quality education, health care and social programs. Then, it was time for aggressive feminism, LGBT-XYZ, transgenderism and other leftist ideas carried out by the Conservatives. There is an obvious (to me) continuity here, maybe because we did not have our own Donald Trump in this country. And now we have leftist media and conservative politicians implementing fear campaigns around the very suspicious “pandemic”, so that the New Order and Great Reset may go ahead.

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