Canadian Frontline Nurses (CFLN) PROTEST at College of Nurses of Ontario, TORONTO, CANADA (2021.04.14) – FULL SPEECHES


Canadian Frontline Nurses (CFLN) PROTEST AT College of Nurses of Ontario, TORONTO, CANADA (2021.04.14) – FULL SPEECHESKristen Marie and Sarah Choujounian, cofounders of CFLN, held the world’s first protest today against a professional healthcare body, the College of Nurses of Ontario. They were joined by 2 other registered nurses, members of Police on Guard for Thee, including ex-OPP Vincent Gircys, Pastor Mike Thiessen of Liberty Coalition Canada and, by proxy, Ontario Dr. Patrick Phillips to speak out against the muzzling of registered nurses seeking to advocate for their patients through evidence-based practices and studies.Sarah Choujounian Kristen Marie Nurses For Sustainable Care Randy Hillier , Roman Baber” — from the FB of Randy Hillier, MPP

Personal conclusion: For the first time in human history, your doctor will not see you because you might be sick. Think about it. What, the hell, is happening with work ethics, with mission statements and all the values humanity once fought for and developed, and now, has suddenly lost.

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