Is the Abbott rapid antigen Covid-19 test reliable?

A well known investigative journalist and author, Wojciech Sumlinski, held an interview with a Polish medical first responder who works for emergency medical services, rides in an ambulance and delivers patients to hospitals. In order to take each patient to the right hospital, he administers the Abbott test, a Covid-19 rapid antigen test that is now also used in Canada.

According to this responder’s testimony (in Polish):

the outcome of the test depends on whether the original “extraction buffer” or physiological saline is being used with the specimen extracted from the patient. This creates an opportunity for the providers of the test kits to manipulate the number of “positive cases” and the Covid-19 statistics.

The test comes in packages of 25 kits and a small bottle of liquid called the “extraction buffer”. Five or six drops of this liquid is added to a test tube, together with the specimen obtained from the patient. The test is conducted using a small plate-like device. The interviewed responder demonstrates this procedure in the above video.

There often is not enough of the “extraction buffer” liquid for all the 25 test kits in each package, so the authorities recommend using a physiological saline, instead. The interviewed responder says that about 50% of all tests are done with the saline, instead of the original extraction buffer.

He has noticed that all tests performed with the saline come out positive. He became suspicious and decided to investigate the matter. He used a few tests in a row, without adding the human specimen to the test tubes. He was just using the saline alone. All these tests came out positive!! He was not sure if there was a coronavirus in the saline or in the test kit itself. Or maybe there was no coronavirus at all? Maybe the test kit was designed to come out positive when the saline was being used. If this information is confirmed, it will break the whole mantra about the “pandemic”.

I am passing this information to you “as is”. If this is also confirmed in Canada, then the authorities (or whoever provides the Abbott tests) have a mechanism with which to regulate the number of “desired” positive cases – just by providing less of the original extraction buffer liquid and then recommending that physiological saline be used instead. Can you imagine?

The PCR test was criticized and finally defeated as unreliable by WHO’s correction of the procedure published on January 20, 2021. If applied, this correction would drastically lower the number of Covid-19 cases, so the government switched to this new antigen rapid test – and now this revelation comes along.

The interview with the responder was conducted by the crew of Mr. Wojciech Sumliński – – ,  a Polish investigative journalist – – and author of many books – – including his latest book The Pandemic Record (Zapis zarazy).

He talks about this interview in this follow-up video:

Please note: the Responder stated that the virus exists and the Covid-19 illness exists and is different than other known coronaviruses, but the fatality rate of less than 2% does not justify the “pandemic” label.

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