Demanding a Royal Commissions of Inquiry

Watch this interview here:

Quote: “With the recent backtracking and cancelled AstraZeneca vaccine rollout in Ontario due to severe adverse effects and deaths, MP Derek Sloan and I are demanding that our respective levels of government convene Royal Commissions of Inquiry into the decision making process surrounding lockdowns and other COVID related restrictions.”

These Commissions must be undertaken in order for people to understand what science was ignored, what was accepted, and why those choices were made.”

“This past week we have seen substantial backpedaling on many COVID measures including:

  • The CDC announcing there is no viral spread from outdoor contact and that they had seriously miscalculated the risk;
  • The Manitoba government testified in court that PCR test have a false positive rate of 56%;
  • The Salk Institute has issued warnings that the vaccines can create illnesses and fatalities;
  • Many western countries are realizing serious errors were made; it is time for all Canadians to learn and understand the facts of the last 14 months.

You can read more about both our requests here:

Share this post to your friends and family, be sure to tag them as well. We must contact our MPs, MPPs, and other representatives to pressure both levels of government to open this inquiry. The harm of our COVID policies have gone on long enough. Join your voice!”


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