Church of God in Aylmer seized by the police and locked down

From the Facebook of Randy Hillier, MPP – (direct embedding is disabled):

“On Friday, Pastor Hildebrandt’s Church of God in Aylmer was seized by the government and locked down, with hefty fines being issued. Following a Court order closing the Church of God earlier in the day and allegedly for reasons of ‘public safety’, armed agents of the government wearing bullet proof vests descended upon the peaceful congregation gathered at the Church, a significant portion of whom were women and children.
This is, of course, for their own good. We all know you can safely gather and rally to oppose policies in Columbia, to support the Palestinian cause, or to support Black Lives Matter. But you’ll be charged and shut down if you gather to protest domestic policies in Ontario, or simply to pray.…/warmington-bnai-brith……/05/colombia-protests-toronto/
This Sunday, May 16th at 10:30, Pastor Hildebrandt will be hosting a service at 10:30am on the lawn of his Church. I encourage anyone of like-mind to join their peaceful resistance by sharing in worship with them on Sunday.You can find their location at the bottom of the page here:
We must support each other if we are going to correct these injustices; if you oppose these lockdowns, you must add your voice with others in peaceful defiance of their unjust orders.Only together, will we end the lockdowns.
Randy Hillier

My comment:

Is THIS what we are paying our taxes for? It is time to demand cuts to the police budget. This is the force of “the Devil” and we know who his collaborators on Earth are. We also know what their agendas are. They have destroyed the education, they are destroying the health care, the social fabric, the economy, the family, and our religion. They are taking away our rights and freedoms. They are using a fake “pandemic” to do this.

There is no excuse for the Police to be so stupid as to not understand this. And following orders is not an excuse, either. Please check the Nuremberg Principles to see that legally, following orders or “doing your job” does not give you immunity to commit crimes against human rights. For this you are individually and personally liable.

Officers, “doing your job” is not an excuse. Nazis during WW2 were also “doing their job”. Or so they thought.

At the end, when our representatives and our judges fail us, justice belongs to The People. The government agencies should be working for us, not against us, not for our enemies. We are the ones who pay their salaries. And please, don’t argue that this is not “a war”. There are already victims in this war, you are enforcing it, and when you act against human rights, you are committing a crime against humanity.

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