From Randy Hillier – A week in COVID: Facts vs Fears

“Shall we follow the fears and the experts or the facts and the science?The last week has revealed a slew of information that challenges the government’s fear campaign since the start of COVID-19 hysteria. Here are a few of the powerful stories that shatter the narrative and show there is nothing keeping us from returning to normal.

Share this with your friends and family, help them learn the facts vs the fears. Together we can protect our loved ones, save our economy, and end lockdowns for good!”

My Comment:

Recently, one of the Polish investigative journalists in the opposition to government Covid policies held an interview with a Polish medical first responder who works for emergency medical services, rides in an ambulance and takes patients to hospitals, depending on the preliminary diagnosis. For each patient, they perform a Covid-19 rapid antigen test (the Abbott test) that is now also used in Canada.

According to this responder’s testimony here: (Video has been taken off by YouTube as violating their “community guidelines” but I do have a copy of this video), the test kit comes with 25 tests and a small bottle of liquid called “extraction buffer” . This liquid (5-6 drops of it) is added to the test tube together with the sample from the patient (the specimen) and then the test is conducted using a small plate-like device. He is demonstrating this in the above video testimony.

There is never enough of the “buffer” liquid for all the 25 tests in each package, so the authorities recommend using a physiological saline, instead. This guy, who has been working as a medical responder for 12 years, says that about 50% of all test are done with the saline, instead of the original buffer.

He has noticed that all tests performed with the saline come out positive. He became suspicious and decided to investigate the matter. He used a few tests with saline in a row, without adding to the test tubes the human sample material. Just adding the saline alone. All these tests came out positive!! He is not sure if there was a coronavirus in the saline or in the test plate, or there was no coronavirus at all and the test was just designed to come out positive, when the saline was used.

I am passing this information to you because you will know what to do with it better than I. If this is confirmed, then the authorities (or whoever provides the tests) have a mechanism with which to regulate the number of desired positive cases just by providing more or less of the original extraction buffer liquid and recommending the use of physiological saline instead. Can you imagine?

We really have to do something about it. The PCR test was criticized, Canada did not want to apply the new WHO recommendations of January 20, 2021 (re: PCR test procedure) that would drastically reduce the number of “cases”, so the government switched to this new antigen rapid test – and now this revelation comes along. I don’t know if the Police on Guard for Thee or Mr. Rocco Galati can help in securing the evidence but I think that it is certainly worth trying.

The interview with the responder was conducted by the crew of Mr. Wojciech Sumliński – – , a Polish investigative journalist – – and author of many books – – including his latest book The Pandemic Record (Zapis zarazy).

He talks about this interview in this follow-up video:

Please note that the Responder stated that the virus exists and the Covid-19 illness exists and is different than other known coronaviruses, but the fatality rate of less than 2% among those infected does not justify the “pandemic” label.

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