MPPs Votes on the Motion to Extend emergency powers

Download the above voting record – in .PDF format and save it for the next election time.

Comment: Well, it is better not to vote and in such a way register reservation to the proposed motion but this is a childish thinking and it does not work. Why?

Firstly, it is clear that when MPPs who are unsure about the subject abdicate their right to vote, the proponents of the voted project will vote en masse and will win. There is no question about it and every MPP should have known that. The result of votes clearly shows that the motion would not have passed, if the MPP who did not vote voted against it. Even a split vote would be more “even” and likely negative.

Secondly, it shows incompetence of the MPPs in a matter that is extremely important for the protection of Constitutional rights, public health, and the safety of the public. One could have doubts in march, May and June 2020, and this would be understandable. Many people believe in the “pandemic” because they are unable to conduct an independent research and think independently. However, our politicians, elected to the provincial legislature to run this province on our behalf, have an obligation to know all points of view, to understand and consider all opinions, before they vote. There is no excuse for abdicating the right to vote, perhaps counting on fermentation among the voters. The matter on hand is too important and too big for that. It involves possible charges of genocide and betrayal of the Constitution. It involves charges of deliberately collapsing national economy in order to implement unconstitutional agendas related to globalization, “new normal”, “great reset”, and one-world government – with an outcome of impoverishing the entire population and introducing a system of control that we had only seen in communist and fascist stated in the past. By now, there is enough evidence to support such charges.

In conclusion, I highly recommend that all voters in our riding copy, save, and remember this and the previous post. We have to use this information during the next provincial election. We must not be like the sheep that are being led to the slaughter house and don’t know it.

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