My Question to Bill Gates and his Followers

Mister Gates, if you are so serious about the necessity to reduce the world’s population – (Youtube: Innovating to zero! – Bill Gates – see time: 3:57 to 4:49) – then why do you worry so much about the vaccines and the food for all these little black, brown, and yellow children in poor countries? You cannot have it both ways and you certainly know it. You are not stupid.

I am sick and tired of the hypocrisy and lies surrounding the so-called “pandemic” and all the counterproductive measures introduced by our officials to combat the alleged public health crisis. I am also sick and tired of the corrupted mainstream media and the intellectual incompetence of all the sheep around me. Has the constant fear campaign destroyed the ability of so many to think rationally? What can we do as a society to change it? To restore independent thinking, logic, honesty, and the truth? To restore lost trust in our governments, in our media, and in each other?

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