An Open Letter to our Metro store Management and Staff


We are your customers, some of us have been buying food at your store for many years. We know how hard you work and how difficult it must be for you to implement “Covid-related measures”, while at the same time wearing masks and performing additional duties that are required of you due to the alleged “pandemic”. We also know that many of you are skeptical about the official pandemic narrative.

We ask that you understand us, as well. We research the credibility of the “pandemic” and the effectiveness, or rather ineffectiveness of measures forced on us by the governments and local authorities. We see misinformation related to the capacity of our hospitals and the testing that creates so-called cases. We study the manipulation of statistical data that is taking place in order to justify lockdowns of our economy. We study the experimental mRNA vaccines and their impact on our health. We try to debunk the enslaving social engineering and psychological operations applied on a national scale in preparation for political, economic and social agendas that have very little to do with public health – (the New Normal, the Great Reset, the one-world cartel-style government, the biometric vaccines, cashless transactions, etc.).

We were all scared at the beginning, but very quickly facts and reports became available that challenged the credibility of the fear campaign implemented by the governments, the mainstream media and many employers. We strongly believe that it is necessary for all of us to defend Canada, its Constitution, our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, our privacy, and the future of our children from undemocratic and unconstitutional measures enforced upon us by corrupted officials who act as if they were on a payroll of the financial and corporate elites, even though they are elected and paid by us, the voters and the taxpayers.

We are aware of the frustration you are feeling when challenged by some customers who make critical comments, when asked, if they have any of the symptoms that are posted at the entrance to your store. Firstly, it is a complete rubbish, as any of these symptoms can be attributed to a common cold, regular seasonal flu or seasonal allergies. There is no way for you to tell if a customer has “covid” or a running nose because they froze the night before. You are not doctors.

And what has happened to the confidentiality of our medical information? My health information is confidential between me and my doctor. Everybody else needs my written consent or a court order to access it. You have no right to demand it.

Some time ago, I was told by one of your employees that she was tired of the “crap” people were giving her. Frankly, I felt sorry for her, but… please understand, we are also tired of the “crap” that you are giving us at the door. We know that you want to keep your jobs but please don’t do it by taking our rights, our freedoms and our dignity away from us. We do not consent to it.

Based on available information and the opinions of many scientists and medical professionals, the credibility of this “pandemic” is at least questionable. There is a reason why the governments stopped publishing the overall number of deaths in Canada and in Ontario. There is a reason why our health care system has been paralyzed and effective meds against coronaviruses have been banned. There is a reason why our economy and our standard of living are being destroyed. Why professionals who speak out and express opinions different from the official narrative are being silenced or censored and punished.

Today, again, there was an incident at the store’s door. I was told by your staff that they were doing their job, that they were told to do it by the corporation, that they “had to do it” because of the City of Hamilton and provincial regulations. Here is the problem – there are other large stores in and around Hamilton, (including large grocery supermarkets) where customers just walk in and are not being bothered by the staff. It is only the Metro Corporation that continues this useless, unreasonable, and illegal practice. The excuse that you are following local restrictions is, therefore, void and null. It appears that these are the Metro Corporation restrictions.

This leads me to a bigger question:

If we cannot trust the Metro Corporation with respect to public health issues because your corporate policy seems to support hidden agendas behind the so called “pandemic”, then how can we trust Metro when it comes to food safety? These agendas are joined at the hip.

When I go to your store, I see many people wearing their masks improperly, so this requirement, too, is a theater that needs to end. They breathe through the gaps on both sides of their noses, instead of breathing through the material. I see that most people wear completely ineffective masks that do not protect them or others, even when used properly. This includes the non-medical masks and the “surgical masks”. Your corporation is contributing to the unjustified fear campaign (including the untrue message about the “rapidly evolving situation” played repeatedly in your store). Do you know how unhealthy the masks are, especially for people with a heart condition (that’s me) or other medical condition limiting their pulmonary function? Are you aware of the bacterial pneumonias caused by wearing the masks and the fungi that develop and multiply on the warm and moist inside surfaces of masks and may trigger skin and lungs mycosis?

According to some of the best scientists in the field of virology and immunology, social distancing, wearing masks and other forms of isolation reduce our herd immunity to respiratory viruses. This immunity must be practiced and updated regularly. It requires mixing and interaction with other people. Isolation, distancing, and masks are counterproductive, they destroy our natural defenses. “If you don’t use it, you lose it”. Please stop contributing to this crisis and please review your policies related to such measures. What you are doing is dangerous to all of us.

Having said all of the above, we would like to thank you for your hard work and dedication during this difficult time. Please “hang in there”, take care of yourselves, and reduce the “crap” that is going on all around us. It’s Summer already. The flu season has ended.

On behalf of my friends and some of my neighbours (all of whom are your customers) –

Yours truly,
Lech Biegalski

* * *

Download this letter ( .PDF )

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