Texas Senate Committee Hearing – re: Covid Vaccines

When the embedding of this material is disabled, you will still be able to watch it here:

Comment: At the end of this video we hear one of the Senators saying, “What we are talking about is American people are now the guinea pigs, this is the test program that is going on.” I would like to add to it one important detail: Never in the history of humankind have such experiments been conducted on the entire population. It was always a small group of volunteers (or prisoners), with control groups to compare and evaluate the results. Only when the results were determined safe, the treatment or procedure was allowed for use in the general public. What is going on today is actually a criminal negligence of the public health and safety. It is a sabotage of the system for which we are paying. This is unacceptable. In my opinion, it proves beyond any doubt that there are other agendas behind this whole “pandemic” and the vaccination program. These agendas must not be good for us, or else they would not be kept secret and hidden behind a pack of lies and misleading propaganda. Both, the politicians and the mainstream media are responsible and liable for this situation. Now we are beginning to see some employers joining the defendants crowd.

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