Pitching Vaxxers against Anti-vaxxers – Divide and Conquer?

Comment: In a lockstep, corrupted politicians, mainstream media, and employers all over the Western world are beginning to pitch us against each other. “Those unvaccinated are serial killers” – is a statement only vaccinated people would make. Unvaccinated would not criticize their own convictions. This raises a serious question, “Why are those vaccinated so afraid of getting infected? Don’t they believe that vaccines are effective? And if they don’t believe it themselves, why are they demanding vaccination from others?” – As you can see, the idiocy of this statement has no limits. Probable cause: there still is money to be made and agendas to be achieved by using a fear campaign, promoting this narrative and having people believe it. This is how long the “pandemic” will last. Unless we stick together and stop it.

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