How can we function as a society with lost trust in our institutions and organizations, in our justice system, in our health care, in our media, our schools, and our employers?

I was going to write an article on this topic but then I realized that the title says it all. There is nothing left to add to it. This is the main problem of our times and I am wondering, if this, too, is a part of “the plan”. To accept the new normal, the great reset, the one-world government and, eventually, globalization we the people must lose trust in our system, our national institutions, and our too greedy businesses. When the people are ready, the “Saviour” will appear and will promise us “justice”, “equality”, and all kinds of goodies. We will welcome the new reality. We will clap our hands. We will be happy, again. But first, we need to be crushed. Before you build a new house, you have to completely demolish the old one. Is this the name of the game?

Now comes the main question: How can you defend yourself and how can you win with them, if you are not one step ahead of them? This is exactly why you need to turn off the TV and turn on your own brain.

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