“One on One” with Dr Christian, Disciplined for Informed Consent Request

[Source]Comment: What really bothers me is the fundamental question, “How did it happen that our system became so infiltrated by officials demonstrating such a communist attitude and implementing this unconstitutional variant of “democracy”? Where do these people come from? It clearly indicates a massive involvement of organized crime, foreign intelligence, treacherous “fifth columns”, corrupted political and intelligence organizations, or… Aliens taking over our minds. I actually have a pretty good idea what it is. I listened to Juri Bezmenov’s warnings, I read the “Protocols“, I remember 1980s and 1990s, when it all began. I also have my own experiences fighting against this monster since 1980 (elsewhere) and then since 2004 (in Hamilton). So, now the question is, “How do we go back to normal”? And, “How do we get rid of these traitors and criminals in our institutions and organizations?” – […in my humble opinion, of course].

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