Banned Videos: Following the Science?

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Comment: I don’t really care about infertility myself; I am 71. However, if and when the relevant crimes are confirmed, every person who willingly developed, promoted, or applied a criminal depopulation solution on unsuspecting public without an informed consent of people subjected to such measures will be charged, tried and punished just like the Nazi criminals were charged, tried and punished during the International War Crimes Tribunal in Nuremberg that followed WW2. There will be no legal immunity or statute of limitations for crimes related to this “pandemic”, just as there is no immunity for the crime of genocide and other war crimes. All such immunity already acquired will be revoked. This applies equally to the sponsoring elites, the investors, the owners, and to pharmaceutical companies; to politicians, administrators, government officials at all levels; to managers, scientists, doctors, enforcement agencies, police and military personnel, and to the media controllers. Please remember that following orders was not recognized by the Nuremberg Tribunal as a mitigating circumstance. Read the Nuremberg Principles, which became part of the international law in 1950. Also, read the Nuremberg Code with respect to any ideas of making these experimental vaccines mandatory. And BACK OFF!!

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