God and the Great Reset: Something is Not Right – Part 4a

The full screen version may be viewed HERE.

Comment: As I watched this video, I realized that most of the things we say and write, often with great conviction, are not our own opinions based on our own observation, experimentation, study, analysis, experience, knowledge, critical thinking or educated conclusions, but rather we merely repeat, like parrots, the information that we had earlier heard somewhere else, from television, internet, our teachers, our leaders or our neighbours. In most cases, we merely transmit the information, we don’t create it and we don’t verify it. Often, we don’t even understand it.

Plus, we have a tendency to selectively seek and share information that confirms our already existing beliefs and to reject information that contradicts those beliefs. Also, we avoid, block, and sometimes ridicule information that we perceive as threatening our own safety, security, and comfort. On the other hand, we frequently interpret our wishful thinking as facts and truth. This is exactly how ignorance spreads in society and this spreading ignorance makes it possible for the criminal “elites” to implement their scripts and their plans. Think about it.

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