Are the C-19 vaccines and emergency measures still legal?

By: Lech Biegalski,
My Dundas Valley, August 12, 2021
Global Research, August 13, 2021

On June 9, 2021, the Ontario Declaration of Emergency, enacted under Section 7.0.1 of the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, was revoked but the government and the municipalities did not announce it publicly and the mainstream media have not reported on this significant development. Restrictions and other emergency measures (masking, social distancing, some lockdowns, as well as attendance or access limitations) still continue. An aggressive coercion aimed at mass vaccination is being applied by the media and by government agencies, as well as by some corporations and organizations.

Yesterday, while driving, I accidently turned on the 680 News and my brain was instantly flooded with “COVID”, the “new variant”, fear campaign, and information that our federal government (yes, Justin and the Liberals) decided to implement segregation and discrimination policies in a form of vaccine passports and a requirement that travelling and certain services will only be available to those “fully” vaxxed.

Doug Ford and the provincial government were more careful. According to 680 News, they announced that provincial vaccination passports will be required for “international travel” but their use as basis for other restrictions (including requirement for masking, social distancing, access to services, events, hospitals, education, and retail) will be decided by the businesses that provide such services. Doug is shedding legal liability and political responsibility, so that he can later point his finger at somebody else and say “It wasn’t me! They did it!”

In the meantime, it appears that:

The C-19 Vaccines and vaccination campaigns are now illegal. The C-19 experimental and still tested vaccines were approved for use under emergency authorization only. Since the provincial Declaration of Emergency has been revoked as of June 9, 2021, there is no emergency in Ontario and the emergency authorization for the C-19 vaccines has therefore expired. It is null and void. Similarly, other emergency orders and measures are now illegal.

Politicians and media outlets, service owners, school authorities, health workers and employers should be aware that coaxing, instigating, and threatening citizens, clients and employees by applying segregation based on the vaccination status constitute a violation of our rights and freedoms and therefore may be categorized as a criminal activity. Every person making and implementing such decisions or encouraging such requirements is personally responsible and liable for his or her actions.

The question remains, under what authority are the emergency orders still being maintained? According to the constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati and the Constitutional Rights Centre,

  • They are being wrongly enacted by local municipalities as well as various businesses and institutions under the false guides of the Reopening Ontario Act. This Act provides basis to relax the emergency measures but, if there is no emergency, then there is nothing to relax.
  • Emergency measures are also being wrongly enacted by local Public Health Officers under Section 22 of the Ontario Health Protection and Promotion Act. By definition, the Health Protection Act does not deal with wide-spread emergencies, otherwise we would not need the Emergency Act. These two pieces of legislation are aimed at two different scenarios. The Health Protection Act is meant to deal with local and limited safety issues, for example, a poisoned water, a limited outbreak in a specific facility, or a highly contagious person that needs to be isolated. It is not meant to apply across the province or across the entire municipality indiscriminately.

In this article, I am omitting other factors that call the credibility of the official “pandemic” narrative into question. For example, the fact that governments implementing the emergency measures have not been able to prove the existence of the SARS-Cov-2 virus and therefore the credibility of any “variants” and the “pandemic” itself. They have greatly overstated both morbidity and mortality statistics by using a highly unreliable RT-PCR test in a way that produces false positive results and by providing financial incentives for false death certificates (the death “with Covid”, not “of Covid” cases). They and the mainstream media have contributed to an unprecedented fear campaign based on a pack of lies. They have restricted or delayed regular health services and access to doctors. They have banned effective and proven treatment protocols and medications. They have enforced isolation measures that destroy our natural herd immunity. They have forced the population to wear masks that are ineffective against respiratory viruses and unhealthy, when used for prolonged periods of time. Their decisions have contributed to the destruction of economy and small businesses, loss of jobs, rising poverty and resulting social problems (domestic violence, alcoholism and drug use, suicides). Finally, they have censored and punished scientists and doctors who publicly shared their opinions that differed from the official narrative.

It looks like all these initiatives are motivated by a desire to coerce and force the population to accept experimental vaccines that are not yet proven safe, that are ineffective (they don’t prevent infections or transmission) and have already caused adverse effects, including death. Information about these facts and risk factors is also being censored by governments, by mainstream media, and by some social media outlets, as well as by some corrupted employers collaborating with criminal agendas hiding behind the so-called “pandemic”.

Based on available information and existing evidence on record, it is reasonable to assume that the true agendas behind the “pandemic” scare, the restrictions and lockdowns, the isolation measures, and the experimental so-called “vaccines” are linked to globalization, the New Normal, the Great Reset, the undemocratic one-world government, the total control over the population, the total control over the supply chains and money, the enrichment of the elites, and the depopulation. At this time, most of these agendas are unconstitutional, and therefore, criminal.

Similarly, any effort to violate the requirement for informed consent, (as per the Nuremberg Code), or to implement any segregation and discrimination policies in order to force people to undergo experimental treatment or medical intervention, constitute a crime and punishable violation under our Constitution, existing laws and human rights.

All politicians and media managers, all business managers and supervisors of various organizations and services, who willingly participate in such criminal schemes, should be held legally responsible for their actions. The punishment should be especially severe, when such schemes are targeting children.



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