Vaccine hesitancy unlikely to disappear because of FDA approval

Comment: We expected this. It is happening just a couple of weeks after my article in which I suggested that “approved under emergency authorization only” vaccines in Ontario became illegal after the Declaration of Emergency had been revoked on June 9, 2021. No more emergency meant the emergency approval became null and void. The reaction came quickly. No data and no detailed description of study and testing have been published by Pfizer. No references to many adverse effects or the pathogenic priming (antibody dependent enhanced – ADE). No disclosure of data on after-the shot deaths and adverse effects. If the primary goal now is to vaccinate the entire population, this is what the “pandemic” forces would do – and did. Way too short time to run full tests. And still – no evidence that the virus exists. No explanation how they determined the number of cases and effectiveness of the vaccines, while there is no reliable test to confirm any such data. No independent study and published data by any Canadian authorities. FDA is in the US, not in Canada.
Earlier, I thought that I would wait and see how the vaccinated are doing, before getting my vaccines. Seeing how determined the governments are to have all of us vaxxed in a hurry, while the “pandemic” turned out less dangerous than advertised and while they blocked the use of effective medication, I am having more doubts now, than ever.

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