Ontario sells out for vaccine passports

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Comment: So, the game continues. Federal government throws the responsibility (and liability) off of their shoulders by shipping them down onto the provincial governments. Provincial governments shed their responsibility and liability onto the “business owners”. This is why they don’t talk about lockdowns anymore. They want businesses on their side.

Again, here is the problem in all these cases, including the Alberta woman who is waiting for a lung transplant: If you believe that vaccines are effective, then there is nothing to fear from the unvaccinated customers or patients. And if you doubt that vaccines are effective, then why are you pushing them on others? The argument I heard was: the vaccines don’t protect you from getting infected but they protect you from developing life threatening symptoms. Still, if you are vaccinated, you are protected and you should not worry. Plus, the low fatality rate does not justify risky measures, while many adverse effects of the vaccines are downplayed and underreported by the governments and the media. Also, why are governments banning medications and treatments that were proven effective in combating Covid and are less expensive and less risky than the vaccines? These, in my opinion, are obvious indications that the “measures” are serving other agendas than public health. Is it possible? Of course, it is.

In response to the claim that “private” businesses have the right to decide who they want to serve:

Businesses don’t operate in a vacuum. They operate in our communities and are licensed to operate by our elected reps, with the assumption that they provide public service and are open to the public. They also deal with citizens whose rights must be respected everywhere – that’s why they are called “universal rights”. They are taking law in their hands by trying to overwrite constitutional rights with their regulations. All laws are not equal. Higher laws are more important than lower regulations.

Also, can any business owner prove that the “pandemic” exists? That the “virus” is what we are told it is? Do they have the expertise? Have they isolated this virus and done a valid scientific study on it?? Have they analyzed the vaccines and can they present scientific evidence that these vaccines are safe, effective, and needed? The onus to provide full evidence is now on them because they are implementing the “measures”.

In addition, hospitals or doctors paid by the province (read: by the taxpayers) are not exactly “private businesses”.

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