Randy Hillier – an Interview with Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson

Comment: Laura-Lynn is not allowed to attend the restaurants, movie theaters, and other public establishments or events, because “she is not being obedient to the collective”. This statement does not make sense, even assuming that the “pandemic” is real. Obedient to which collective? The one that believes in the “pandemic” and is “fully vaccinated”, or the one that does not believe in it and refuses injection with an experimental substance called “vaccine”?

Why this does not make sense? Because it proves that the vaccines don’t work. Otherwise those vaccinated would have no reason to worry and be concerned. And if the vaccines don’t work, if they are not effective, (which has already been proven), then why are people forced to accept and to take them? Why are effective meds and treatment protocols banned? Doesn’t it show that there is another agenda behind it, one that has little to do with public health? One that is illegal in light of Canadian Constitution and Canadian laws? One that is actually criminal, given the number of under-reported and silenced adverse effects?

I just would like to draw your attention to one contributing factor in recent death statistics: For twenty months, we have been exercising the social isolation measures – the quarantines, the masking, the distancing. This is affecting and destroying our herd immunity. This is weakening our cross-immunity. Immunity needs to be practiced, needs to be constantly updated. “If you don’t use it, you lose it”, like everything else that you have neglected for a long time.

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