Hamilton-Wentworth Public Board Removes Vaccine Requirement. Will others?

I am beginning to change my opinion about my former Board. Better late than never! But “late” may not be enough for the bureaucrats who took the health of their employees in their hands and figure skated around the law.

Forcing the staff to frequently undergo the “rapid” test is also illegal. In addition, the Abbott rapid test has been proven unreliable.

Besides, will the Board compensate the 93% of vaccinated staff, if any of them suffer loss of health and/or life as a result of being coerced by the Board to take the experimental vaccine as a condition of employment? The information about mRNA vaccines’ adverse effects was known and available in public domain at the time the Board was implementing and executing this policy, so there is no excuse for the members of the Board that they did not know about the risks involved. That was a very risky policy and the policy makers at the HWDSB better be prepared for serious, personal lawsuits.

In addition, is this Board still promoting vaccination of students entrusted to them by the parents, the voters, and the taxpayers?

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