Canadian Charter Rights, with The Hon. Brian Peckford

Comment: I’ve just had a conversation with a lady from the medical lab in Dundas where I am scheduled for ultrasound, tomorrow. She called to remind me of the appointment and asked if I had any “Covid symptoms”. I asked, “What Covid symptoms?” She said, “You know, running nose, coughing, headache, etc.” I replied, “We are right in the middle of a normal flu season and these are all common cold and flu symptoms. So what is the point of asking such a medically useless question?” She insisted, “We do what we were told by the health authorities.” I objected, “But by doing this, you are violating my Charter rights. My medical condition is a confidential and privileged information between myself and my doctor. If you demand a release of this information, you need a judges order.” Again, she stated that they were just doing what they were told. Even when I mentioned that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is a part of our Canadian Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land and cannot be overwritten by any provincial regulations, she was not able to accept it.

It is an interesting problem. I wonder, for example, if they would falsify test results, if told to do so by the “health authorities”. I paid my taxes and my Ontario Health Premium (and did not have much choice). The government collected my money. What would happen, if I insisted on keeping my private information private? Would they deny me the service for which I have already paid and to which I am legally entitled? What happened to the rule of law and respect for human rights in this country? Where is this ignorance coming from? They are enforcing an illegal regulation and they don’t even know it? Or, they don’t care?

Both, the Ontario Declaration of Emergency (O. Reg. 264/21) and the Extension of Emergency (O. Reg. 291/21) have been revoked as of June 9, 2021. The proof is on the Government of Ontario website, here: and here: . Yet, neither our politicians nor mainstream media are informing the public about it. The restrictions and other measures continue to grow and multiply.

The governments have been sued over the measures and the matter is in courts. Quietly, they withdrew their regulations and told the cities and various establishments to implement similar measures, so that they can say, “It wasn’t us, it was them” and point their finger at the employers, hospitals, schools, businesses, and corporations. Most of these organizations happily comply, often going an extra mile and showing more loyalty than is necessary and reasonable, even assuming that the statistics and the pandemic are real.

It is disconcerting that among the most eager enforcers of unreasonable measures (including the useless and unhealthy masks) are doctors, medical centres, pharmacies, and supermarkets where we buy our daily food. Hospitals where we go when we are sick. Schools where we send our children. Aren’t they supposed to know better? How are we supposed to trust them from now on? Are we really safe? Or, are the “conspiracy theorists” right, again?

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