Safe Establishment Form

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This form may be used in all establishments that force you to complete a Covid Symptoms / Travel / Exposure form as a condition of access and service. When they violate your constitutional rights, you may consider making it more difficult for them. Present this form at registration, request that the staff complete it, and collect it. If they refuse on the basis of their policy, say that this is YOUR POLICY, not “their policy”. If they refuse to comply, take your business elsewhere.

Safe Establishment Form (.DOCX)

Safe Establishment Form (.PDF)

You may print the following text [.DOCX] , [PDF] on the reverse of this form.

Safe Establishment Form

I am asking any employee of this establishment, who will share the breathing air with me during my visit here, to complete this form, sign it, and return it to me before the actual visit begins.

Many businesses are intimidating the public with a request that clients complete a symptoms/travel/exposure form as a condition of access to their services. These requests are illegal, as they violate the privacy and confidentiality of our medical and health-related information. In fact, they are irrational and useless, as all the symptoms listed on these forms may be attributed to a common cold or a seasonal influenza. This means that, if you have a cold or a flu, you cannot buy food or see a doctor.

There are many doubts about the credibility of the official “pandemic” narrative. It appears that the narrative and the “measures” are justified by false statistics derived from unreliable tests and suspicious mortality data. Effective and safe treatments are banned, scientists and doctors who share their opinions and data are harassed, silenced, or fired. Most of the required “measures” are ineffective, unhealthy and/or risky. They do not provide protection or stop transmission. Instead, they compromise our natural herd and cross immunity. They also create a risk of serious, although underreported adverse effects. It is increasingly obvious to many analysts that the “measures” serve other agendas than public health.

Denial of access and service, especially by medical establishments and medical professionals who should know better, is unacceptable. We pay for their services in our taxes and insurance plans. They accept the money, yet continue to participate in a scheme that effectively cancels their obligation to help sick people who need them most. Healthy people do not need them, sick people do – this is their job. Medical professionals who are afraid of sick patients should change their job and should not be asking the government for our tax money. We refuse this nonsense, just as we refuse the unreasonable “obedience training”. We refuse all forms and aspects of totalitarian measures and all illegal or criminal agendas behind the current “humanitarian narrative” that appears to be seriously flawed.

* * *

Our Charter of Rights and Freedoms is an integral part of the Constitution of Canada. Here is a relevant article of the Constitution of Canada:

Primacy of Constitution of Canada

  • 52 (1) The Constitution of Canada is the supreme law of Canada, and any law that is inconsistent with the provisions of the Constitution is, to the extent of the inconsistency, of no force or effect.
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