The 2020 Economic Crisis: Global Poverty, Unemployment, Despair – Prof. Michel Chossudovsky

(Video originally posted in June 2020)

Comment: Please check the following three recent articles, before reading this comment:

Mainstream media in the Hamilton area warn us that there is an “outbreak” of the Omicron variant among the staff at the St. Joseph’s Hospital and that the city is on course for another “orange alert” level lockdown. Why? Because of the “super mild” (according to WHO) Omicron variant? Or, because of the (in my opinion) criminal policies implemented by the governments and corporations, shamelessly supported by the government funded media and hospitals?

I have spent many days at the General and St. Joseph’s hospitals, both before and during the “pandemic”. As a matter of fact, I spent last Saturday to Sunday night at the Emergency Department of St. Joe’s. Consistently and every time, I see that the emergency departments, and some other units, are much less busy now than they were before the “pandemic” started. And this in spite of the scary statistics trying to convince us how close they are to the “capacity”. Somebody is obviously lying.

Last Sunday, I was denied a necessary surgery and sent home at 4:00 a.m. I was bleeding going home in a taxi and I am still bleeding, internally and externally, today, two days later. I am infected and in pain. I can’t sit, I can’t drive, I cant walk far. They told me that there are no admissions to the hospital, except for heart attack and stroke cases. Somehow, they forgot to mention “Covid”. General Surgery does not work, does not exist anymore. They could not get a general surgeon. This is what we have today. And I paid all my taxes, including the Health Premium, plus my insurance that in the past covered a large part of my stay at a Hamilton hospital. (Considering the food quality, it was way overcharged.)

I fear that offering hospitals and hospital staff temporary financial incentives for the time of the “pandemic” will not solve the problem. I’ve heard of bonuses and time arrangements that in some cases doubled regular salaries. I’ve heard of higher amounts for hospitals for processing Covid patients. This is a motivating factor that encourages collaboration with the official narrative. It is likely that now, some of the health care workers and managers want this “pandemic” to last forever. Money speaks and has an amazing ability to silence conscience. I pray that I am wrong but what I see with my own eyes contradicts my hope. How much longer are we going to allow these “forces” to destroy our lives?

Here is my own “conspiracy theory” that supplements prof. Chossudovsky’s analysis:

This whole “change” in Western countries began after 1991 and the collapse of the Soviet Union. The ideological competition ended and this marked the beginning of the offensive of predatory capitalism. First, we heard that the Chinese had the highest IQ and that we needed to become more competitive. Remember that? The unions were blamed, instead of the corporate greed. “Restructuring” followed and after that we saw a massive offshoring of our real economy to cheap countries. Many people lost their jobs, their savings and pensions, even their houses. This helped investors lower their costs and max up their profits. The “man-made” global warming justified it all, after all the air pollution will stay within the national borders of China and we will keep our own air clean, right? In the meantime, “green” policies are saving energy resources for the “world’s factory” and our offshored technologies help in modernizing the Chinese army. Very “smart”, indeed.

What happened next? The entire offshored tax base was gone and, in late 1990s, we witnessed unprecedented cuts to health care, education, and a few other important segments of our economy. Many publicly owned services were privatized. Public-private partnerships were formed giving corporations sponsoring schools and universities an opportunity to modify curricula. Corporate pressure resulted in corruption of our politicians and political parties and in the creation of new tax loopholes. Politicians stopped listening to the voters and taxpayers, and began to serve their new masters. Political parties and their associations became infiltrated by corporate mercenaries. Educational reforms were enforced that resulted in deliberate dumbing down of entire nations – (I’ve seen that, too). A green light for demoralization of our youth was turned on, uncontrolled, promoted and defended by the officials. Parental control and authority over their own children was systematically dissolved and replaced with state intervention policies.

The antitrust laws died away, markets were monopolized, competition was gone, constant and never ending price gouging followed. Money was printed out of thin air which resulted in inflation and loss of its value. Consumer protection disappeared. Recreational opportunities and access shrank and became extremely expensive, as the corporate “elites” did not want us to see their yachts, private islands, and out-of-town mansions. Notwithstanding drastic increases in prices, quality of products and services drastically decreased. Poverty is on the rise. And the loans, of course, Michel is right. You have to privatize the states and cancel their Constitutions, before implementing the New Order and one-world corporate government. This seems to be the final goal. This, and depopulation.

Every new system requires the formation of financially and politically privileged elites, as well as an army of mercenary managers. We see this positioning and transition happening as well. Concentration of public and private property in the hands and wallets of a few is taking place. We can also see who the “enablers” are. It ain’t difficult at all.

After moving the world’s factory to China and other cheap countries, investors needed to destroy the remaining industries in the West. They had to eliminate remaining competition in local markets. Lockdowns took care of that part of the plan. Small businesses and the middle class were no longer needed.

Aside from the obvious, there are many outcomes of the “pandemic” that destroy our social order and moral principles. Many businesses are using the excuse of the “pandemic” to cut their costs. Many employees are using the “pandemic” to reduce their workload. Good business practice is gone. Work etic is being eroded. Reversing this trend will be very difficult, if at all possible. It leads me to a conclusion that this, too, is part of the deliberate plan to permanently destroy our western economies and societies.

Consequently, we are left with too many people that the ruined economies of Western countries are not able to support. This is where the idea of “overpopulation” comes from. And the need for depopulation that Bill Gates openly talks about. The rest you already know. The PCR-test “pandemic”, the experimental vaccine mandates, the never ending “variants”, waves, and lockdowns. The censorship, the illegal coercion, the totalitarian measures, the violation of human rights, the murderous isolation policies that destroy our herd and cross immunity, the paralysis of our health care system, and the list goes on. When you really understand what is going on, you begin to see that there are no conspiracy theories left anymore, there are just real conspiracies, bare and naked. This is my theory that I support with my research and my experience. I witnessed it myself and saw it happening with my own eyes.

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