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Comment: …In the meantime, your immune system begins to attack your own cells and organs that are creating the foreign spike protein (e.g., in your lungs, blood vessels, heart, kidneys, etc.). If I understand this process correctly, since this reaction is not limited locally to the spot around the injection (like in traditional vaccines) but is happening all over your body, the response may be massive (see “cytokine storm”) and the potential for serious inflammation (e.g., Myocarditis) or organ and blood vessels damage (e.g., internal bleeding, strokes, blood clotting or thrombosis and blockages) may be substantial.

Also, since your immune system “learns” and “saves” the program running this response (memory T-cells and B-cells), such overreaction may happen in the future as a result of infections with similar coronaviruses (e.g., influenza or common cold). The size of this overreaction will be proportional to the number of “booster shots” received, as each of them reinforces and brings to a higher level the reaction “program” your body learns and saves for immediate and future use.

Let’s go back to dr. Martin’s words:

“What’s being injected is not the thing that is creating the (immunological) reaction. What’s being injected is the instructions for your body to make the thing that is foreign. /…/ It’s one thing to have the outside world encountering my body and then my body respond to the outside world, it is another thing to hijack my body to create the pathogen which then has to create the response.”

It looks like a plan. The vaccine makes your body, your cells, manufacture a toxic pathogen and then one of two things may happen:

  1. Either your body will react by building immunity and defeating the pathogen; or…
  2. Your immune system will attack your cells that make the pathogen and will destroy your vital organs

Interesting… Which is the smoke and which is the smoking gun? Or, both are true, depending on your general health, age, and strength of your immune system? It seems that the more booster shots you get, the stronger the learned and memorized reaction will be, in which case the second option becomes more likely. We know this because, according to some experts, it is happening.

However, there also is a third option. Maybe some evil planners hoped that our immune system would think, “Oh, this thing was made by my own body, so it is not a foreign agent”, and the pathogen would be allowed to live and act in your body without being challenged.


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