New variant “IHU”?

European media inform today that a new variant IHU was discovered in France. According to available information, it consists of 46 mutations, 37 deletions, is highly transmissible and resistant to so-called “vaccines”. I am sure it also can fly with the speed of light and within days will be “discovered” in all countries around the globe. Lockdowns and aggressive vaccination campaigns will follow. More bankruptcies, more takeovers, more adverse events, more deaths.

“According to a French study, the index case (the first patient) was a vaccinated adult who had returned to France from a trip to Cameroon, in central Africa. The new variant from the lineage named B.1.640.2 is believed to have infected 12 people in the country, according to a yet-to-be peer-reviewed study supported by the French Government.” – [Source]


BTW, according to many doctors and scientists, effective meds and treatment protocols for Covid-19 exist but are being banned by governments and medical agencies. Why? I think I know why. Inexpensive pills (Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, and others) are needed for a small percentage of population, those actually infected. There is no profit in it. However, vaccinating the entire global population (sick or healthy, already immune or not) is a different story. Lots of lettuce here. If there was an effective and inexpensive treatment available, people would ask, “Why do I need a risky, experimental vaccine that has so many adverse effects?” And depopulation/sterilization/digital ID agendas would not be possible but that’s a different topic. Or it isn’t?

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