Dr. David Martin – Covid Revealed – (Full Interview)

Part 1:

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Part 2:

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Comment: “Infectious and replication defective”? Sounds like a bioweapon to target military units of an enemy without affecting the general population. “2003”? Wasn’t this when the war on Iraq started, based on a pack of lies about Saddam Hussain’s weapons of mass destruction? Two years after 9/11 and the war on strategically located Afghanistan? The “war on terror” (sponsored by our allies?) The actual war for energy resources and pipeline corridors? And then, we had a conflict with China over Taiwan and the South China Sea, over Myanmar and the Chinese port project to bypass the Singapore blockade? And now, we are trying to get Russia to remain “neutral” in a potential military confrontation between USA and China? So, what is Putin going to demand in return? Kazakhstan? Ukraine? What else? Aha, we have the “pandemic” with an “infectious, replication defective” man-made virus (according to dr. Martin), which allows us to target narrow groups in a globally coordinated way in order to spread fear, in order to justify and enforce so-called “emergency measures”, including the vaccines …. Just asking…

For those of you who think, “But people are getting sick!!” there are two answers:

  • There is a difference between getting sick and having a positive test result. It is not the same thing.
  • People were always getting sick, especially during the flu season. Especially, after two years of isolation measures (like masking, social distancing and quarantines) which destroy our herd and cross immunities. And, after policies that paralyzed our health care system.
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