Is the IQ bar set too low for The Spec?

I’ve always maintained that people have the right to express their opinion, even when their opinion is stupid. If you truly support human rights and freedoms, you have to accept it. It is most likely not their fault. Maybe they were born that way or maybe they had to walk uphill to their schools. As a society, we have to be tolerant. This, however, does not mean that we cannot ask questions and seek clarification. Let’s do it together.

In the latest piece on the “pandemic”, “Hamilton reports 14 new COVID deaths, including a man in his 40s“, published by the Hamilton Spectator on January 24, 2022, I found the usual statistics on new cases and deaths, allegedly caused by “Covid”. I am not using the word “allegedly” lightly. The article states,

“death is a key indicator of the trajectory of the fifth wave since a lack of testing in January has made many other metrics unreliable”.

What? If we are not using unreliable tests that used to “make other metrics reliable”, then how do we know that these are Covid cases? “Death is the key indicator”? So, if you die, you are now assumed a Covid case? Just like that? We used to use tests to discover “confirmed cases“. When the tests turned out to be unreliable, we invented “probable cases” – all you needed was to have one of the symptoms that happened to be the same as symptoms of flu or common cold. You had a cold and a running nose – you qualified as a “Covid case”. Now, you only need to die and you automatically become a “key indicator” in Covid statistics? We are not even checking whether you had died “with Covid” or “from Covid” anymore? Are the elites so desperate to have their agendas installed? Are they panicking because they are losing the info war? Is this what the scary stats are based on, these days? I don’t know about you but my eyebrow is raising, when I read these gifted conclusions. Cognitive dissonance, anyone? Or, is The Spec secretly working for the anti-vaxxers, ridiculing and sabotaging the official narrative?

But wait, that’s not enough. One more assumption is being made:

“You see first a rise in hospitalizations, then a rise in ICU admissions, then unfortunately what follows on from that can be a rise in deaths,”

Can be, or is? Over what period of time did the “new deaths” occur? And “hospitalization” is not the first item in this chain of events. It would be useful to know what had caused this hospitalization in the first place. Was it a cold, was it a flu, a pneumonia, a kidney failure, untreated cancer, a heart attack, a motorcycle accident, a drowning accident (this would at least explain the cold and the running nose), an adverse event following the mRNA vaccination, an old age, neglect at the LTC facility, or an erroneous diagnosis and wrong treatment protocol? Apparently, these questions seem too difficult for The Spec, even for its “leading, experienced, and awarded” investigative journalists. Feeding the fear campaign seems to be the name of the game and we know where that leads us. Straight to the jab mandates for the poor and huge profits for the super-rich. No, thank you. I can still think for myself.

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