We Have a Problem, Somebody Is Lying

I don’t watch TV. I also don’t listen to the radio, except, when I am driving. I was driving earlier today and heard the usual culprits reporting that Russians in Ukraine are shooting and bombing women and children who are trying to leave surrounded by Russian army cities, while Ukrainian men are staying behind to fight. Consequently, I checked a few Russian sources and they wrote that the opposite was actually true. According to those sources, Russians meeting with the Ukrainian delegation in Belarus negotiated the establishment of corridors for refugees, while Ukrainians were not letting the civilians leave the cities, killing those who were trying to escape.

One of such sources is HERE . It indicates that Ukrainian military units defending the city of Mariupol had arrived from western Ukraine. It is well known that pro-European sentiments prevail in western Ukraine, while eastern Ukraine is largely pro-Russian, as many ethnic Russians live there. Since the 2014 unconstitutional and bloody Maidan regime change, we have a civil wear in Ukraine. This explains why military units from western Ukrainian may not be overly concerned about the safety of civilians living in eastern cities and villages.

If both sides are lying, the truth is somewhere in between. If only one side is lying, how do we find out who is actually telling the truth?

This is not difficult. From a military point of view, the army that is attacking the city wants the civilians gone. It makes their job easier and safer, it allows them to avoid international criticism for targeting and killing “innocent bystanders”. On the other hand, fighters who are in the city and are preparing to defend it, want the civilians to stay as a human shield. This is why they are choosing to fight in the cities, not in the fields or in the forests. It is in the best interest of the Russians to let the civilians out, and in the best interest of the Ukrainians to keep them locked in. With civilians inside, the Russians cannot bomb the city and its defenders indiscriminately. Instead, they have to fight for every street and every building, which takes longer time and increases their own losses. These tactics have been known to military strategists for a long time. And what if some armed and active fighters are posing as civilians? This would make the attack even more difficult. and could be used for the purpose of fake propaganda.We remember that, at the beginning of this war, Ukrainian governments handed out weapons to the civilian population, including the criminals released from jails to fight the invasion. We see that Ukrainian artillery and armored vehicles are often parked next to apartment buildings, schools, hospitals, and other civilian infrastructure. This is not a new tactic.

It is quite upsetting to discover, in light of such a logical evidence, that our mainstream media might be lying, again. In my opinion, they are using lies about the war in Ukraine as a disruption, redirection and a smoke screen to cover up their earlier lies about the “pandemic” and the Freedom Convoy. We have to start thinking what to do with them (and with our politicians), when this is finally over.

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