Candice Malcolm: Canada’s legacy media is bought and paid for

He is full of it. No substance on any issue, no knowledge, just demagogy, ideology, and general parroting of the Soviet style. Posing. Look at the way he is wearing his mask at the end of his nose, with huge gaps through which he is breathing. Not even trying to pretend that he is serious about it. And it is a material mask, completely useless against respiratory viruses, just like a chain link fence is useless against mosquitos.

Here is my conclusion and my opinion:

We have a huge problem with this government. I don’t see how Canadians can ever trust it, going forward. After lies about the “pandemic”, lies about the Freedom Convoy, and lies about the war in Ukraine? This is not possible, if we really care about integrity and moral standards. In addition, we have active politicians that serve the globalist WEF agendas that are unconstitutional in Canada. Although Justin’s name is missing on the list of Klaus Schwab’s “Young Global Leaders”, he is reportedly participating in their programs and projects. Other politicians are officially listed there, for example, Chrystia Freeland and Jagmeet Singh. With such divided loyalties, no wonder that we are where we are today. I hope that Canadians remember the decisions and actions of our politicians, regardless of the distraction they are now throwing in our faces, posing as heroes helping Ukrainians defend freedom, health, and human rights in their country. Right after attacking the same aspirations of Canadians. What a hypocrisy!!

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