Victoria, Australia: MP Bernie Finn SLAMS sexual homework given to 10-yr-old school girls

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Comment: My grandmother, (and I am 72), knew that the sooner kids become interested in sex, the faster their schoolwork and education become a distant priority. Or, in some cases, no priority at all. It shortens childhood, the only time during which a brain of any living thing develops and achieves full potential. Species whose childhood and development take a quarter of their lifetime end up being more intelligent than species who become adults the minute they are born. This wisdom was known and passed from generation to generation for centuries.

In 1990s, children and youth were still protected by the state from early sexualization. You needed and ID, proving that you were an adult, to rent a porn video. The police were controlling and enforcing that. It was a law. Then, suddenly, almost overnight, all restrictions disappeared. Porn became freely available online, everybody had access to it, all you needed was a computer able to play videos. No restrictions, no laws followed. The genie was out of the bottle and children became one of the first victims of this new and brave world.

In 2001, I was teaching at one of the elementary schools in Dundas. My assignment included computer lab program for grade 7 and 8 students. During these activities, while each student was working on a separate computer, the teacher would give them certain tasks to follow. The goal was to learn how to use specific programs (apps) that were considered useful in their future careers and professional development. There were also programs enforcing certain areas of curriculum, for example, reading or listening comprehension, creative writing and Math skills.

It was impossible to control what all students were doing during these classes. As the teacher walked around the lab, students had an opportunity to open multiple windows and to go online unnoticed. Later investigation of the lab’s history files showed that many students were loading and watching porn sites. This led to a famous letter, written by the principal Rob B., in which he informed the parents about this situation and urged them to control their children’s online activities at home.

This was the last voice of reason in our education system on this topic. There was no follow up, no policies were changed or introduced to solve this problem. The topic was left dormant, until we became concerned with some aspects of the new sex education. Slowly but surely, more elements supporting sexualization of children were introduced to the curriculum by the system. This included controversial topics and unscientific theories that had a potential to confuse children and divide society. In the process, old value systems, old traditions and beliefs holding the society together were destroyed and removed from our daily lives. The “multicultural” was slowly becoming “a-cultural”.

When you add to it the destruction of parental authority, the 1998 reform of education, and the change of school priorities – (socialization instead of academic excellence), it is difficult to miss a conclusion that the goal of all these changes is a deliberate demoralization and dumbing down of the nation. This is not unique to Canada, it is happening globally. For what end, you may ask? I will try to focus on this question in my future entries.

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