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Monica Smit Is Leading A Global Walkout to Reignite Freedom


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James Delingpole and Patrick Wood: The Technocratic Era


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We Are in a Hybrid War -Maajid Nawaz


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Harley Schlanger – will you let the globalist oligarchs kill you?


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Emergency Broadcast


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The Growing Threat of Digital ID in Canada – Hatim Kheir, Barrister JCCF


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Public School Teacher EXPOSED for Promoting Political Violence??!

Comment: This is a secondary phenomenon in our schools, today. The primary problem was created by the reforms of the education system that started in 1980s (US) and 1990s (Canada). This teacher, most likely a victim of the reforms herself, … Continue reading

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Transhumanism and the Great Reset


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5 Ways to Raise a Non-Gendered Child!

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WATCH OUT!! What The WEF Is Planning!! How To RESIST!?

The Great Reset: You are no longer a subject with your rights, freedoms, and individual dreams. You will be an object, a slave, and a collective herd. 🛒 Get The Hottest Crypto Deals 👉 📲 Insider Info in my … Continue reading

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“Infertility- A Diabolical Agenda” I Interview Mary Holland Of CHD

[Source] Related:

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California Senate passes radical pro-abortion bill ‘effectively legalizing infanticide’

“SACRAMENTO (LifeSiteNews) — California legislators this week sent a raft of pro-abortion bills to Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom’s desk for a signature. Among the measures was Assembly Bill 2223, a deeply controversial measure that would prohibit investigation into the death of an unborn … Continue reading

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Canada isn’t a serious country

Comment: Looking for some explanation to this phenomenon, I came across a Turkish proverb: I kind of like it but I may be wrong. It may be worse than that.

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[Source and a full screen option] Other news for today: Working Group For Covid Vaccine Analysis – Summary of Preliminary Findings – [PDF] Israel appointed researcher warns the government of lawsuits for citing vax effects as mild Tasmanian funeral director … Continue reading

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It’s NaĂŻve To Think Canada’s Rights & Freedoms Are Guaranteed -John Carpay, Constitutional Lawyer


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