Ontario Bill 100 Allows Govt to Seize Your House and Car Without a Trial


Comment: Let me be clear to Solicitor General Sylvia Jones. Every protest, and this includes the traditional, legal right to strike by workers and their unions, may only be effective, if somebody is inconvenienced or is losing business as a result of the action taken by the protesters. Here is why this is considered a useful and fair strategy:

We, The People, don’t have an army or a police. We are being systematically disarmed by leftist governments. We don’t appoint the judges. We don’t run the jails. We, the voters and the taxpayers, don’t have such means to exercise power and use the law in order to force our government to listen, to meet our demands and to consider our expectations – even though, in a democratic system, it is their job to do so. Politicians govern on our behalf and with our mandate, while businesses should serve the needs of the population, not the other way around. They do have considerable powers and means to use force against the people. Therefore, in a situation of conflict, people are powerless against them. Unless… the protesters, through their action, cause inconvenience and losses to corporations and force them to put pressure on the government. This is what happened to the Emergency Powers that caused banks to lose confidence of foreign investors. They were withdrawn overnight. It is a proxy war strategy which should work in our democratic system. It does not work because the system is no longer democratic.

This is exactly what happened with the truckers blockade. Only this time, the corporations pressured the government to use force against the people. Shows the extend of corruption and the sophistication of social engineering aimed at making life so miserable, frustrating, and confusing that people will happily welcome and accept the New World Order. Possible…

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