Former White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, Dr Deborah Birx, Shaking and Stammering, Says She Doesn’t Know If Government Was Lying About the Jabs

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Former White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, Dr Deborah Birx is looking pretty rough under questioning by Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan last Thursday.

Comment: More questions than answers about reinfections, immune pressure, and virus mutations (“variants”). Was the government lying, guessing, or hoping?

She says, “Once you are infected, you put an immune pressure on that virus – (and then it mutates producing new variants).” This is only partially true. Some scientists argue that ineffective or partially effective vaccines not only put pressure on the virus but also take over and weaken your own natural immune response.

She also says that the vaccine immunity wanes just like natural immunity wanes. It is important to notice that this argument is often used in relation to declining amounts of antibodies in our blood and it is used to convince people to take booster shots. Somehow, however, we are forgetting about the memory T-Cell and B-Cell immunity that lasts much longer. Have our bodies changed or are we dealing with a bioweapon designed to confuse and disable our natural immunity? Is this why governments do not tell us the truth? Or, am I overestimating their intelligence?

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