The Contradictions of Battery Operated Vehicles | Graham Conway

Comment: I am getting tired of people talking nonsense. Why don’t you put a box around the planet Earth and see what happens when you use solar and wind energy on a massive scale to produce power for our vehicles, industries, transportation, communication, and cities? Can our ecosystem survive such a change?

Is wind playing an important role in an environment, for example helping to run a water cycle and moving water (clouds) from wet areas to dry areas? Naturally cleaning our water through evaporation and condensation? How will it affect the weather and, eventually, the climate? How about plants and pollination? (Similarly, how would slowing down ocean currents affect weather, climate, and sea life?) If we take out, or even reduce, the wind in the lower layer of the atmosphere, what will this change cause?

Solar power – well, again, if we use it on a massive scale, this is going to reduce the solar energy reaching the surface of the Earth, lowering the temperature, affecting the water cycle, weather, climate, and all living things. The questionable global warming is not going to last forever. What will happen when we consume more energy than the amount needed to sustain natural cycles, growth of plants and animals, and survivable climate?

We could also consider using nuclear energy but this would create more problems. Radioactive resources are not that plenty and hard to find, even today. They are used by the military, by some nuclear plants and in medicine. Also, we have to find a safe and effective way to get rid of the nuclear waste, especially if we start using this technology on a massive scale. Just like we will have to find safe ways to dispose of all the batteries used in solar and wind technologies.

We have to take all these factors into account before going “sustainable” in terms of energy. Our ideas may not be “sustainable” at all. I would seriously consider horses, but only if they stop farting and burping.

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