Outrageous! Now the Justin Trudeau Liberals refuse to receive petitions!


Comment: I fail to understand why in a constitutionally democratic country any political party would barricade itself from the voters, the taxpayers, and the citizens. In 1984, I immigrated to Canada from Poland, where I was involved in the anti-communist “Solidarity” movement. After the implementation of martial law by the hunta of gen. Jaruzelski, I was fired and barred from teaching for political reasons. I spent two years in hiding, then I was accused, charged, and practically forced to leave the country by the communist security apparatus (the SB).

Running away from dictatorship and repressions, I chose Canada as my destination. In 1984, Canada was a democratic country, a trading and peaceful nation that had friends everywhere, a country with real economy and high standard of living. A country with consistent cultural values. A country that respected human rights as well as political, economic and cultural liberties of its citizens. A country with quality academic education and excellent health care system. A country that protected parental rights and religious beliefs. A country that protected our children and our youth from demoralization. Much has changed since then. Today, I do not recognize Canada. Given my past experiences, I know what I am seeing. It makes me very sad.

This unacceptable, arrogant and unconstitutional attitude of our governments, our politicians and our police must change. We need a Great Reset, a reset back to a democratic system and to a free society. No more red pinocchios running the country, violating our rights, collapsing our economy, destroying our education and health, corrupting our media, our markets, our institutions and our organizations. In the next election, as Canadians, we will get what we deserve. One way or the other. My opinion.


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