Father Calls & Confronts Pharmacy That Administered COVID Vax After 7 Yr-old Child Gets Myocarditis


Comment: Liability goes to the pharmacists, the doctors, the hospitals, the media, the school boards, the universities, the governments, and to all establishments coercing healthy people to take this shot as a condition of access, travel, service, treatment, education or employment and for lying to the public that these shots “work” and are safe. It is their duty to truthfully inform people of both, potential benefits and potential risks. According to many qualified experts, the alleged benefits are minimal. The shots don’t protect people from infection and don’t prevent transmission. Following the shots, many people experience adverse events, including serious illnesses and death. According to reliable experts, these shots weaken our natural immunity. There are serious risks but no life saving benefits. There is an effective early treatment but it had been abandoned and banned, so that the shots could receive the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) which is only possible when there is no alternative treatment. And the Emergency Use Authorization was needed to roll out an experimental mRNA injection before the conclusion of necessary testing and official approval. All this information is available in public domain, so ignorance is not an excuse.


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