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An Interview with Dr. Roger Hodkinson Who Has Big Warnings For Parents & Pro-Creators

[Source] Comment: Thank you, dr. Hodkinson. Thank you, Odessa. Well done!!

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Should I Vaccinate My Child With The Covid-19 Vaccine? The Stats, Facts & Risks Involved


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Alex Jones gives Donald Trump a month to speak out against the vaccines


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VACCINE CHEMTRAILS EXPOSED! – Are They Spraying Us With Aerosolized mRNA Poison?

As is: [Source] Related: Dark Outpost 06.06.2022 Shock Admission: Chemtrails Spraying COVID Vaccine! Spain Admits Spraying Deadly Chemtrails As Part of Secret UN Program to Fight Covid-19 , [ 2 ] , [ 3 ]

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THIS is Why Fauci is Retiring Early

Related: Promising a ‘Full-Throated Investigation’ of Fauci, Senators Demand NIH, HHS Preserve All Related Documents, Communications

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Why Is No One Talking About Sudden Dead Doctor Syndrome?

[Source] Related: Active US Military Service Members: Significant Increase in Cancers, Myocarditis, and Pericarditis Resulting from Covid-19 Vaccine Dr. James Thorp: “What is Pfizer and Moderna hiding from us?”

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