Comment: I have a good reason to believe that the Rapid Antigen test causes symptoms indicative of blood clotting in the sinuses, in the brain as well as in the heart and lung tissues. Whether or not it is through rubbing something into your nasal membrane, I don’t know but it is likely. It is also likely that the tests may be used to secretly deliver the C-19 “vaccine” or its components. The swab is actually pretty sharp, After rubbing it around in my nose, it came out with blood stains on it, which means that whatever was attached to the swab was delivered into my blood stream. Isn’t it strange that right now, simultaneously with the FDA’s announcement, our local Metro store here in Dundas began to put out near the cashiers’ counters packages of BTNX Inc tests for free!! – https://www.btnx.com/Product?id=2010 . You can take up to three of them (15 test kits) and they immediately replace them with new ones. This is not what a profit oriented corporation would normally do, unless somebody else is paying for it. Aside from some 950 food stores, Metro corporation owns and operates about 650 pharmacies, so they have close ties with Big Pharma.. Maybe this is why they had aggressively participated in the fear propaganda campaign during the first and part of the second year of the “pandemic”. (“Investors will respond, if they see profit at the end of the process.” – Peter Daszak, March 2015)

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