An Interview with Dr. Roger Hodkinson Who Has Big Warnings For Parents & Pro-Creators


Comment: Thank you, dr. Hodkinson. Thank you, Odessa. Well done!!

Here is the problem – Fauci is guilty but he was not the mastermind behind this plandemic. He was a soldier that was given a post to do the dirty job for the real masters in crime – the super-rich elites, the giant corporations, the media, the politicians, and their uniformed stooges in the military and in various intelligence agencies, their organizations (i.e., WEF) and fundations (Bill and Melinda). We know who they are, they are on the record, and yet I don’t hear anybody planning to challenge them legally. Why? They should be isolated from the society, they should be stripped of all their assets and good names. Their money should be used to restore quality health care and quality education, to rebuilt our democratic system, and to restore our economic potential as nations. Also, to restore peace and cooperation between all states. My opinion.

I don’t call it “madness”. If all that we suspect about it can be proven in the court of law, then we are witnessing lack of knowledge, lack of moral standards, unprecedented greed, corruption, pre-planned depopulation, pre-meditated genocide – and for that there is only one appropriate punishment. My opinion, again.

Yes, we are living in strange times, when your doctor will not see you because you might be sick. What’s next? Will firefighters refuse to go to the fire, because it is dangerous? Will they deal with fires “on the phone only”? How about soldiers? Will they fight wars on the phone? With remotely controlled drones? Police officers? It is dangerous to confront criminals, so they will find the way to dodge it, too? This phenomenon goes way beyond such extreme examples. How many corporations took advantage of the “pandemic” to cut their costs? How many employees cut down their workload because of the “pandemic”? Nobody wants to work, anymore, the work ethic is gone, the good business practices are gone. Everybody wants to work “from home”. I have never seen so many fat people in my neighborhood, some can hardly walk because they now have a good excuse to stay home and do nothing. Maybe watch the CBC, get more stressed out and eat more cookies. These are also the consequences of the “pandemic” and the fear campaigns. Long ago doctors knew that it was very difficult for their patients to go back to work from a disability. It’s convenient and you get used to it. It is happening on a massive scale, now.

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