Prof. Jeffrey Sachs on the Covid Origins Cover-Up

Prof. Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia University
(Credit: Mahmoud/Wikimedia Commons)

Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia University stands as a pillar of America’s academic establishment, and even as far back as three decades ago, the New York Times had already hailed him as one of the world’s most important figures in his field. He currently serves as director of his university’s Center for Sustainable Development, and over the years he has published a multitude of articles and columns on a very wide range of public policy issues.

Given that background, it was hardly surprising that the Lancet, a top medical journal, named him chairman of the Covid Commission, established to investigate all aspects of the massive disease epidemic that has devastated the world since early 2020 and killed well over a million Americans.

Yet over the last few months, Prof. Sachs has broken ranks with America’s ruling political and media elites, and courageously begun to speak his mind on the origins of the outbreak.

In May he co-authored a major paper in the prestigious PNAS journal, pointing to the very strong evidence that the Covid virus had been bioengineered, being the product of a laboratory instead of nature, and he called for an independent investigation into its true source.

The following month, he was even more forthright in his statements at a small think-tank gathering in Spain, and at the beginning of July a short clip of those remarks went super-viral, retweeted out more than 11,000 times and accumulating over than a million views.

[Source: The Unz Review]

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