From Randy Hillier:

Students across Ontario are being left behind by our colleges and universities. I was shared the story of this Western University student Julie Pranger who has been blindsided by the returning mandates. She is about to lose her 5 years of health science education because of policies that don’t work, aren’t recommended by public health, and pick and choose who can be exempt. Watch her full video!

Let us come together and help Julie retain her program before she is stuck with student debts without the career she worked so hard to pursue. Contact the people below at #westernu and tell them to let Julie Pranger continue her program and all other students who are being discriminated against by their new policies.

President of Western University:
Alan Shepherd:

Chair of her program:
Heather Gills:
519-661-2111 ext 87591

And the program director:
Alison Rushton:

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