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Hey Teachers, Leave Those Kids Alone


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Former CRTC Commissioner flawlessly calls out Canadian Government & mainstream media


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We Are in a Hybrid War -Maajid Nawaz


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Tucker Carlson: This is an atrocity

Comment: Sabotage or a provocation? Or, a false flag? Related:

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Update via Dr. Reiner Fuellmich Sept. 28, 2022

[Source] Comment: I am afraid that a final result of winning the information war with the elites will force them to provoke WW3. This will be the most costly but nevertheless effective option of achieving their major goals, the depopulation … Continue reading

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Putting Canada on Notice

[Source] Comment: Georgia Meloni, far-right ‘Christian mother’, is Italy’s new Prime Minister. It has just happened. Now, it’s Canada’s turn. We need a multicultural government that promotes and represents the best interest of Canadians, not the agendas of supranational elites … Continue reading

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Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos says only 40% of Canadians want a fall booster

[Source] Comment: With all the data and research that are now available, he is still pushing the gene therapy that has killed or hurt many, has stimulated mutations and emergence of new “variants”, and has destroyed or weakened our natural … Continue reading

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Internal emails show Canadian health agencies ignored well founded research data on ivermectin


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