Watch: JT says 80-90% of Canadians must get up to date on vaccines this winter to avoid restrictions


Comment: I want to be polite, so I will just say to this guy this: Using the term “everyone” demonstrates that you are incompetent and ignorant on this topic. Maybe you have invested interest in selling more C-19 vaccines. I had the Omicron infection, went through it, had a positive antibody (serology) test five weeks later, and I have a better and longer lasting immunity that your so called “vaccines” provide. So far, they don’t protect from infection and don’t prevent transmission. They cause dangerous adverse events and they damage our immune responses due to “immune imprinting”. Omicron is on its way out. If there is a new variant this coming winter, Omicron-specific vaccines will, once again, be outdated. New variants emerge as a result of low efficacy of the “vaccines”. They are, therefore, mainly driven by the vaccinated, not by the unvaccinated. Definitely not by those who recovered from a natural infection. My informed opinion.

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